Water from Air GeneratorsWater from Air Generators

Water from Air Generators

Gathering water from the atmosphere, the most reliable, secure and untapped resource on the planet. Our atmosphere holds an unlimited source of pure fresh and available drinking water. Water from Air Generator holds the key to unlocking that source!

Home & Office

The compact unit is ideal for your homes and offices. As the "build green" revolution takes hold worldwide, new developers recognize the need to find waysto make homes and offices more efficient. This is the latest in water technology. Develop homes with the option of this modern kitchen appliance.

Farm & Greenhouse irrigation

Suitable for greenhouse agriculture by providing an unlimited amount of water in areas cut off from the municipal water supply. The generated water can additionally be recycled back into the irrigation system, making the entire water supply very cost effective.

Remote Locations

The Commercial series of is an excellent source of water for remote areas including work sites, homes off the grid, and even remote villages. Bundle a few machines together and make up to 900gallons (1100 liters) per day. The unit can be powered with an electric generator.

Health Clinics & Schools

Supply health clinics and schools with fresh water without the inconvenience and expense of bottling and transporting water. Water from Air Generator are the more environmentally friendly solution. All you need is electricity to provide up to 1300 gallons (5000 liters) per day or bundle a few machines together for a larger volume of water.

Light Industrial & Commercial

The Commercial series of atmospheric water harvesters are ideal for any business that requires an uninterrupted and safe drinking water supply. latest water technology means businesses can bundle several machines together to supply enough water for a total "off the grid" water system.

Humanitarian Aid & Emergency Relief

As the global water crisis worsens every year, the demand for a solution increases. Water is not running out, but every year more of us are sharing it. Over 3.5 million people die each year from water-related disease and more than half of those are young children. Additionally, natural disasters commonly bring about contamination in water supply and can lead to epidemics such as cholera and dysentery. In a disaster situation, it is also expensive and difficult to get fresh water to site to victims. The Commercial series of Water from Air Generator can be mounted on trailer and run on a generator to provide fresh, drinking water on site of any emergency relief situation.

Government & Military

Water supply is a critical aspect in government and military operations. can be customized to various military specifications to be a durable and dependable even in the toughest conditions. Reinforced with a protective exo-skeleton, neoprene shock-absorbing gaskets and support structures on all internal components ensures durability. Rugged steel, and quality construction goes into the engineering of this cutting-edge technology to provide an efficient, mega-source of pure water. Bundled together, these water-making machines can provide water for thousands of people on the field.

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